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Yes, I’ve literally had spam in ramen at an Okinawa-cuisine izakaya in Osaka. The broth was made less salty to even it out.
Pic loosely-related; basically spam-tempura I had at the same izakaya on another visit.
Try the low-sodium stuff, bruh. I actually prefer it to “regular” spam for that reason.

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I don’t give a fuck that it’s an adjunct lager.
If I were only allowed to drink 1 beer for the rest of my life, it would be Orion.
I don’t know of a more refreshing beer when it’s hot/humid as fuck.
Even in Japan, you’ll never find it on tap unless you go to a restaurant/izakaya that specializes in Okinawan food, or live in Okinawa (fuck that shit).
Pic is draft Orion I had in Osaka at an “Okinawan” izakaya. And yes, the dish is tempura spam. Because Okinawa, which is because America.

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