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I get it's cheap as fuck subhuman slop that only the worst lards would ever drink, but did they have to put it in surplus windshield wiper bottles? I'd expect to pour that shit into my car or washing machine.
I dunno anon every time these things come up Americans claim nobody actually drinks them, but someone evidently does otherwise they wouldn't be sold.

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>"That's not *insert Italian dish*"
>entire *nglosphere burns itself down in a fit of rage
What are you on about? Authentic ragu Bolognese has tomato, quite a bit of it as per the official recipe delivered to the chamber of commerce of Bologna and currently considered the "standard".
Here: https://www.chefstefanobarbato.com/ita/ricette/ragu-classico-bolognese-ricetta-depositata-alla-camera-di-commercio-di-bologna/

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What a fucking loser lmao
inb4 he replies 5 times to this post samefagging
Nobody with a dick longer than 5" would reply like that. How does it feel to regularly cook sausages on camera that are bigger than your own dick, Adam?

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Unsubbed from this retard back when he did some "white ppl bad" shit, but if I hadn't, I'd unsub now. What a loser.

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>Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
>Trying to be healthy and posh defeats the spirit of breakfast
No wonder you Anglos are all obese lmao

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>say "that's not real Italian food"
>*nglos barking mad
>g*rms seething out of control
>frogs already swinging from the ceiling
>mutts sharting in rage
>chinksects maddened into jumping into industrial machinery
The seethe of non-Italians when you point out their recipe is wrong, inferior, and isn't even worthy of being called food let alone Italian food is amazing. Get used to it, subhumans, I'm never gonna stop shitting on you until you learn to cook food properly, no amount of whining and crying is going to change the facts.

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>be dumbfuck animal
>spend all evolution points on claws, teeth, muscle, whatever because "IMMEDIATE RETURNS GOOD LONG TERM PLANNING BAD"
>get dabbed on hard by big head Chads
>now stuck in cuckcages for the rest of the foreseeable existence of your species

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>replaced the next day
>news makes the rounds among employers
>possibly blacklisted
>can't get another fast food wagie job
>can't do any other job than fast food wagie

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>found the teanigger

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>be Euro
>eat horse
The wailing cries of the Burgers makes it taste so much better.

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>all these Burgers amazed at food that isn't boiled chicken breast with some salt

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The most hilarious experience I've had with an American tourist was at a restaurant one time where he got kicked out for being rude to the waiter. His face was hilarious when the waiter kicked him out.

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the United States perfected pizza but also spawned some garbage ones

at least we don't garnish the pizza with basil and then fucking burn it like the retarded 'italians'

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>used to work at a bbq joint
>10-15 church people waiting outside the front doors 45 minutes before we unlock them
>they look like lost zombies waiting mindlessly for something to come by
>manager asks why I didn't let them in
>"...because we're not open yet."
>"Anon you should have let them in!"
>he lets them in and actually takes their fucking order
>kitchen staff asks me why a huge order just rolled in 30 mins before prep is done
>tell them manager did it
>they let the tickets sit for the half hour until we were supposed to open

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>mfw induction top fags will never EVER have precise heating control

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>he will die of heart failure in his early 40s while I will still enjoy my healthy, amazing Ceylon tea

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>being over the age of 12
>STILL ordering soda at a restaurant

One word: Man child.

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>Sitting in a nutrition class
>Prof is asking the class if we're on any specific kinds of diets
>300 pound nearly gets up out of his seat to raise his hand
>Tells everyone proudly how he's been on an all meat diet for a while
>"And hows that working out for ya?"

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>being over the age of 12 and exclusively eating chicken nuggets/fingers

You're literally a manchild.

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>Americans being unable to do simple divisions

Well well well...

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