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Humans are smarter than pigs and we exploit and kill those too.
I don't care, but if I did, I'd care more for the pigs.

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Tough choice.
For sheer versatility you gotta go with the noble pig, but for a single cut of meat prepared one way I think I'd lean more towards ducklegs.

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>hunting is abuse
>trying to convert people to your cause by insulting them

This is how you know these images are just made for circle jerking. These people can't actually argue their cause reasonably and I guess they don't want to either. It's pathetic.

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Man, I was joking but it turns out it really does mean something else in American. LMAO

>it is simply intended as the most substantial dish in meal
Yeah, that's not what it means to the rest of the world but you stay salty about Euros if you want, buddy.
It's like one country of retards insisting that "dessert" means "the small dish you have before the main meal. Like a prawn salad for example"
I didn't intend for this to be yet another "do Americans really..." post but you're forcing my hand.

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That's not a bad idea. If i I can get some people in on it I just might.

Much like starting a new Diablo 2 character the real struggle is finding a good name, though, yeah.

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