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Since there are a lot of Americans here, I'd like to ask your favourite recipe for burritos.

I've been going with the standard ground beef, corn, tomato, jalapeno, rice etc. as my filling, but I'd like to hear what you do.

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So on the new 4channel being a whiny bitch is allowed. Nice

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goddamit I wish guys could have purses too (I know satchels are a thing but I look like such a dork with one), I would fill mine with snacks and walk around the city eating snacks all day

>tfw put fruit leathers in my pockets because they dont fuck with muh silhouette

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Who /illinois/ here?

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Frozen the same day it's caught is very different from frozen several days later.
I'm sure you already knew that, though. You're just one of the many retards who would rather shit up this board than get off your ass and do something with the rest of the Summer.

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