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I, in my infinite desire to get customers on the phone to STFU so I could get back to work, would usually just hit the "No [Topping]" button, then add whatever they wanted to substitute manually as an "item note." No manager ever had a problem with this, but I don't know how you'd ask to do something stupid like that.

This is mostly a heads up on adding a whole ass topping (which is now like $1.59 on a SMALL PIZZA thanks to buttfucking "Brandon") to your Web Order when you really just want to sub toppings. I've seen numpties end up with a $30 large because they order something like a Super Special, No [Two of the five topping on a Super Special], """Add""" two substitute toppings, add one more topping.

Also, 8 Corners are a fucking scam, at least at my location. The gimmick is basically that they're two "4 Corners" in the box of a large deep dish. 4 Corners are small deep dish, cut into 4 bigger slices instead of the 6 smaller slices a standard Small Deep Dish is cut into. So an 8 Corner, being 2 smalls, is essentially 12 Normal Sized slices of deep dish pizza. A normal Large Deep Dish is 10 slices.

SO, an 8 corner is about 20% more pizza. Yet while a topping on a Large would add $1.99, adding a topping to an 8 corner would add $2.99. That is a 50% increase. A standard Large is $14.99, while an 8 Corner is $18.99. Which is around a 26% increase.

Conclusion: Do not order an 8 corner unless there's a deal for a 1 topping 8 corner. That usually brings the price down to about what a Large is, and is a good deal.

The website doesn't always have the good deals. If you can stand to talk to someone who hates you and probably has an IQ around room temp, call in and ask what deals they have to get the best ones. Specifically ask if there's a 3 topping deal if you want that, or a family deal if you want a shitload of pizza. Someone MAY fart in your pizza box, but you'll whittle the price down to something less ridiculous.

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