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Is olovole the secret to gourmet cooking? Why else would world class chefs keep telling you to use "a drizzle of olovole" or "a tablespoon of olvole" only to proceed and pour in one-fifth of the entire bottle?

The only logical reason for this 'do as I say not as I do'-approach seems to be: Olovole is actually the secret to their cooking and they don't want you to find out what separates the ambitious home cook from the professional chef with multiple Michelin stars.

Has anybody tried this? Just use ten times as much olovole as you are being told by 'them'?

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Olovole in.

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>he tells you to use a tablespoon of olive oil
>he proceeds to use six tablespoons of olive oil himself

Why is he doing this? Is he trying to hide the secrets of Michelin star-tier cooking from us? Then why make a video in the first place?

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All of oil in.

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Olovole in.

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