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>bring water to boil
>whisk in contents
>reduce heat cover for 5 minutes
Reduce heat to what? medium-high? medium? simmer? low?

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>beans on sale for 25ยข per can
>bought a bunch since that's a really good price
>finish paying for my groceries
>hear the clerk and bagger laughing
>listen closer
>they keep repeating the word "beans"
What was so funny?

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"Yiz of cauze ze lady is praparing a meel for her family...a Raclette dish maybi? "

>Canned Dogs
...mon dieu!!!... iz this an experimentaal dish?

>Dooble Layer de Fromage
"thiz must be for ze whole family...tanksgiving Peut Etre?"

>Chocolate Barzzz
"Claud, vien depeche toi!!!, i tink we have found teh prodigy we've been looking for to revitalize aour menu...LOOK!!! DU CHOCOLATE Encore"

"...Pierre, get her numbur tout suit!!!!"

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What should i cook for dinner tonight?

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