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>grandstanding for fast food

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>click on thread about hamburg steak
>no posts about making the dish
>2 posts about gravy, and everything else about tits and pron
I don't know why I expected anything better.

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Godspeed yourself, anon. Enjoy the good times on the road, road trips are one of the best things in life. And thanks for the suggestions, I'll add those to the list.

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Just finished my morning pot of golden-tipped Assam. Every morning, no exceptions. I don't feel right without it.
Later, I'll have some Chai, and this afternoon, I'll switch to Sencha, and then this evening, I'll have Sleepytime tea to relax.
I have too much tea, though. I need use up what I have before I buy anymore. I have a large tin of really exquisite Earl Grey that I've barely touched, and I haven't even opened the Dragon Pearl tea I bought 2 weeks ago.
>mfw tea hoarding

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