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Don't smoke cigarettes retard.
I smoked cigs for about 2 years on and off. All it takes is will power. Got a pipe.Dunhill or Cavendish. JR cigar has a really nice selection of aromatics. You wanna stick to the mild stuff most of the time. Dunhill London blend for example. Once you switch to pipes, or quit cigarettes and smoking all together, you might have the urge to grab a pack and start the habit again but the taste will be revolting, and you'll almost certainly get a headache or want to vomit. Don't smoke cigarettes anon. Cigarettes are for the miserable and the neurotic. If you must smoke, go for pipes. Way cheaper, fun ritual, pleasurable, helps with focus, and you wont way up with heavy lungs.

All it takes for you to do better is will power. If you can't quit cold turkey then you deserve your ridiculous addiction

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Trans fats are saturated fats you eneducated fucking cretin

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>buying your bread
>from the grocery store no less

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>babies who cant eat cilantro and think its a personality trait to hate it
That's what grinds my gears

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>cutting mozzarella

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>not eating a side of eraser with pencil

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>Not enjoying Ducktopus


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>no Waffle Crisp
>no Golden Grahams
>Life in shit tier

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No, that's the actual phrase for it, you faggot.

Or at least it is where I am from (Armenia). We call it just kasha or grechka kasha. I only speak as much Russian as I have heard, never taught formally.

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ITT: people who don't realize that

> You hold your fork in your left hand, no exceptions.
> Etiquette is about practicality and blending in with everyone else.
> Not knowing etiquette shows that you are of low class, no exceptions.
> Only poultry, shellfish or fingerfood (granted, there is nothing else on your plate that requires utensils) may be eaten with your hands.
> You are judged by your manners, even if people act like the setting is informal.

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>coffee is gross and bitter, like alcohol

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