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>Mustard on a burger

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>putting ketchup on pizza
>not putting salt in the water before cooking pasta
>dipping chips in salad cream instead of ketchup, mayonnaise or tartar sauce
>putting hot sauce on everything
>calling spaghetti strands 'noodles'
>eating salmon without cutting the bottom skin
>the literal existence of lark's tongues in aspic

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>he likes piercings

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>microwaving tv dinners
always follow the oven instructions

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> Five different kinds of 'sauces,'
>Taco seasoning.. Spaghetti... fuck.
>Weber. Kek.
>Doesn't know what kind of onion she's cutting.
>Can't cut the fucking onion either.
>Bet she didn't even wash her filthy pig hands.
>Jesus fucking christ that stove is filthy.
>All dat onion could not cover the rank smell of sweaty obese pussy and filthy housekeeping.
>Didn't even drain the disgusting, watery beef before adding sauce.

Why do people think it's a good idea to make their own cooking videos? The only thing I learned from this is why they are fat in the first place. So much sugar and grease. You know damn well they probably ate all of it too.

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