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>You should host your own thread senpai.
I will some time, not right now. Expect to see a thread on Saturday or something though, my bike is in the shop so I'll be home not doing much. I used to lurk here a lot but when I moved to China, I started lurking /trv/ much more.

>Mom sauce
It's something like grandmother sauce. Lao Ma is grandma, the 'gan' makes it something like a grandmother version of godmother or foster mother. Adoptive Grandmother? Something like that.

>I've never heard of this
It's Inner Mongolia cuisine, it's only just been recognised as its own cuisine by the government this year. There's quite a lot of difference to southern, central and western cuisines. Lots of lamb, almost no pork or chicken.

>gong bao ji
AKA Kung Pao Chicken.
It's not supposed to be in that, that uses dried chilli in the wok.
People do put some in a bowl and add vinegar though, to make dipping sauces for things.

Chilli oil dumpling soup is a thing but that uses chilli infused soybean oil which is different.

>This looks really interesting, is there a specific recipe you'd recommend for the noodles?
I just asked my wife, she says it's only 1:1 flour and boiling water plus a little extra water if you want them softer, no other ingredients. You work it into a dough, leave it for a while to allow gluten chains to form, then make the noodles. The noodles are pressed using pic related, or by kind of smearing a dab over your thumb like the Gnocchi that Vincent makes in Godfather III. Those shapes are called Cat's Ears in Chinese. Sometimes we roll it into little finger/fish shapes too that are called little fish.

The real point is that you have to use Oat Flour.

Wikipedia says:
>In China, particularly in western Inner Mongolia and Shanxi province, oat (Avena nuda) flour is called youmian (莜面), and is processed into noodles or thin-walled rolls, which are consumed as staple food.
Sounds about right to me.

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