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I understand memeing about smarmy black coffee drinkers. Hell, even drinking an entire gallon of milk is a forgivable sin. But the more you post the more I'm beginning to think you lack basic common human decency.

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>0 calories

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>He still has the fucking hotdog

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>Now melts!

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>that tub of mayo

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So, i went to this pizza place with my date at the time. It was the first attempt with the girl in questipn. The start was okay, then a family with three children came in.

This is where shit started going downhill, there was a playhouse full of toys right besides us. The kids start yelling, playing and generally being cancerous offsprings raised by white trash.

They started tossing wooden toys and other hard objects in to our directions and the fucking parents could not give enough of a shit to tell them to stop.

After nearly getting hit by wooden improvisations of child-sized granades i stood up to tell them its enough. At that moment the little runt tossed a qube and it hit my date in the face.

>Mfw the first date ended in a black eye
>Mfw when she never called me again

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