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if i dont get immediately sick, what are the long term effects of eating spoiled food and meat?

bonus question:
what illnesses temporary or chronic may i catch from eating stranger's leftovers?

in /ck/ my threads get deleted whenever i make a thread about eating garbage. i dont get it. i know theres a number of homeless anon's on 4chan as well as many neets who are soon going to become homeless or kill themselves. thread is definitly relevant to food and cooking. also relevant to health in fitness but it was also immediatly deleted there too what giveS?

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what kind of illness can you get from eating the general public's leftovers?

what are the chances of catching this illness?

ive always figured tha someone who is feeling ill is more likely to leave a big portion of their meal behind.

you can prick yourself with a hypodermic needle digging through fastfood trash in a parking lot. you could also stick your hands in baby diaper.

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The important thing is that OP learned a lesson. Hopefully learned a lesson, I should say. Don't get so shit faced that you get this sloppy and this stupid. Go get some pepto bismal and give your stomach a chance to work through all that acid from the alcohol and greasy pizza. While you're drinking lots of fluids with electrolytes/salt in it to recover your body's lost hydration, I want you to think back to when you were eating that dirty pizza off of the ground. Can you imagine being sober and watching such a thing? Some possible homeless drunk hobo is eating dirty food that's been on the ground where countless people have walked, spit, dogs have pissed and shat, rats and cats and cockaroaches have all left their mark. And here he is hunched over a dropped dirty pizza cramming it all into his mouth.

Think about that mental image. That's you. YOU'RE the drunk dirty hobo eating other people's spit.

Don't do this again, OP. This is disrespectful to yourself. It's disgusting. Where is your dignity? Where is your self control? Where is your standard of living?

As you ride out this queasiness, I want you think about this. The next time you drink, I want you to remember the hobo crouched over floor pizza. You're an adult now. You're the ONLY ONE who can tell you what to do. You're the only one who can control you and enforce the rules. It's time to act like one.

You're gonna need to eat things that will get the proper gut flora back into your system once it's calmed down enough to handle it. You're gonna have to stay away from things that give you high stomach acid.

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So I work in an office building. I make good money, food at the house but sometimes I walk by trash cans and see great stuff left. Just today the garbage can by the door had what looked like a hefty BK bag and wouldn't you know there was a medium fry, most of a nugget 10 piece and an unopened honey mustard. Score!

I've gotten all kind of stuff just out of my office, chinese food, chicken wings, halves of burgers. I'm thinking of expanding out into public but I don't want people to see me, any tips?

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