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you check it with your teeth you fucking goober
that's what 'al dente' means

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Guys this is literally food in the end, whats the problem?

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>Whatever the fuck you did there
Don't do it again

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What's the real difference between crumpets and english muffins? Is it just how we call cookies cookies, and they call cookies biscuits?

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At least you don't have to worry about running out of milk for your tea.

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this kind of thread has potential.
i've had a cooking block for a while now.
im sure there's gold in what i've got but haven't put it together yet. Im sure a lot of anons can relate or just have no clue.
however, making an inventory of what you have could be an issue unless you're out of most things

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Waiter and Barista who works in Capitol Hill and Pike Place Market. Ask me anything you fucking degenerates AND YES I DO OCCASIONALLY FUCK DUDES IF THAT MATTERS

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>he buys store brand while on a budget

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>Mom got home at ~5
>Put chili stuff together and cooked for about an hour
>"Chili's done"
I learned why I did not like chili as a kid. Literally my entire family did it like that, sometimes worse.

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>bacon doesn't taste good in pasta
>bacon doesn't taste good
>the communists have won

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the steak looks like its been marinating in a menstruating vagina over night

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