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The UK health service are fucking retards, you know how you guys in America were told for weeks masks don't do shit to stop domestic consumers buying stock they wanted for hospitals?
The NHS told UK citizens not to buy them because you needed training to wear a mask properly and they still maintain this line

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>drinking non earl grey tea
>drinking tea without sugar
>drinking tea without milk
>drinking tea from a mug instead of a cup
>taking the tea from anywhere else but a teapot

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In Sainsburys earlier I saw a kid throwing a temper tantrum and screaming at his mum to buy him some Twinkies. He wasn't older than 12 years old. His mum offered to get him some mini rolls instead (which are better IMO) but he started fucking SCREECHING at the top of his lungs 'TWINKIES TWINKIES TWINKIES' until she gave up and threw them into the trolley.

Five pounds and fucking fifty pence for 10 cakes.

Just out of curiosity I followed them around for a bit. The kid kept grabbing the twinkies box out of the trolley and putting it on top of the other food then telling his mum 'mum if you replace these with mr kipling again I will run away from home'. They also had Ben and Jerries ice cream, processed slices of cheese, and when she tried to get some Penne pasta the kid calmy took it out of her hands and took elbow Macaroni instead. She nervously said 'oh sorry steve, I forgot you need this for your mac and cheese'. She looked like a woman crushed by the minimum wage lifestyle combined with the american culture in OUR supermarkets.

Poor girl. She was 30 at the oldest.

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>They're coming for my tea.
I won't stand for this.

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