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I'm a femanon you fucking loser.

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>t. chef with a background in microbiology
That's truly a shame because you're full of shit. It depends which temperature he simmered his stock but doing it overnight should've killed almost anything that's not sporulated, which shouldn't happens if it got to proper heat quickly. Of course it's good to get it cooled fast but it's way better to not let any new bacteria inside. It was only for a few hours and even less if it cooled slowly with the lid on, it's not like it stayed for days at a comfy 27°c.

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>"white people don't season their foor"
>mfw multiple european countries established world-spanning trade routes by land and sea and eventually air to get spices
Sure thing nigger boy, sure thing.

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>the exact opposite of white knighting
Please tell me you're not actually this dumb. The phrasing of that post is implying that the fact that she is a girl (which is rare! xD) is an obvious or granted reason to defend her, and the following statement is simply an additional reason to do so. I suggest paying more attention in English class.

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>Goose Island IPA is still as good as ever.

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Japan is a weird place my friend, strict rules you must follow in societry combined with intense shame instilled in you from birthu about nearly everything you do wrong oddly enough makes for a very strange fucking place full of very strange people.

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No, no it's not.

While "demigurasu" can also be served with omuraisu, this is clearly curry unless you don't have glasses on.
The color and consistency look COMPLETELY different, and you can see the roux in the pool.

This would also be consistent with home-cooked omuraisu and curry.

(It does looks delicious though.)

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Peanut butter jelly sandwich.
can of peas
>you are an adult and are asking people whom you don't know on the internet to tell you how to feed yourself.

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