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Thanks bro!
It’s been too long since I’ve had a Wild Rock. It’s really damn thoughtful of you to try making me one.
You’re a true bro, bro.

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But that’s chicken, friend.
THIS is the burger, fixed.
Courtesy of Wendy’s in Japan.

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>thread about a burger
Which means this thread falls under the sole jurisdiction of America and I can post as I please.
Burgers in other countries are merely on loan from America.

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For me it’s the WILD ROCK

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Grorious Nippon WILD ROCK shits on western imperialist DoubleDown

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>ワイルド ロック
Fuck yeah Wild Rock baaga

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>Finally get Wendy’s
>Can’t even do something interesting like WILD ROCK BAAGA
Once again, Japan is the superior island nation.

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>Build Wendy’s in a new country
>no ワイルドロック
Just add this to the list of reasons why Japs>Bongs.

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Japanese branches of “American” fast food chains still make deliciously kino shit.
Pic related. “Wild Rock”. Japanese Wendy’s “double down”.

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Gatekeeping toppings for foods which are known to have almost limitless topping combinations based on personal taste is the height of autism.
Pic related. The “Wild Rock” burger, available at Wendy’s in Japan. It’s a damn good burger, and a shame if autism prevents you from trying it.

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Japanese Wendy’s is superior.
They don’t need no fucking buns.

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It doesn’t matter who invented.
Along with pizza and tacos, the cheeseburger, as it’s known to the world, is American.

Except Japanese Wendy’s “double down”. That’s a purely Japanese invention.

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Shame you aren’t in a Japanese Wendy’s.
Then you could just order a Wild Rock with no bacon/mayo.

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That’s *exactly* what the fuck it is, my friend. Burger-veggies, bacon, and egg between two patties.

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