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It was 100% part of a 'calculated risk' viral advertising stunt set up in advance to build more brand recognition, having worked in social media advertising. Every large company is taking a page from Wendy's in some way these days because they found a formula that works --brands want to generate loyalty and base recognition with young people by manufacturing a presence that has the illusion of being outrageous, irreverent, and most importantly spontaneous so it appears genuine. Being 'genuine' with the right notes is the most important quality for flipping the 'soulless corporation' and having the brand resonate with most cash-cow zoomers and millennials, and social media makes it easy.

As far as this piss campaign goes - a large brand that's tweeting at an unaffiliated blue checkmark or 'Influencer' is a dead giveaway money was involved somehow. People with large social media followings are well aware of the value of their personal 'brand,' so it's common practice for them to leverage advertisers to pay them to shill the brand to their followers, or in this case play along in a manufactured viral scheme of some sort. The biggest giveaway is that this was started in a two-month old tweet, and the influencer didn't @ them. It probably started unprompted when they saw the tweet two months ago on a key word scrub, the social media manager ran the idea by corporate to pay him to play along in an 'epic rebuttle,' eventually they came up with the idea to 'piss' into a glass jug with their logo on it for shock value, and then had to pitch that idea to everyone important up the chain including All Market Inc.'s CEO and primary investor base (most of which appear to be celebrities, so it makes a lot of sense why they went with drinking piss). Two months to get the campaign rolling.

Imagine being a CEO of a major brand who goes down as being the one who started 'piss advertising.'

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