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Did you see any graphite on the roof when you took these photos?

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Fuck off, Adam.

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yes goy your boss is more important than basic human needs

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I live in Europe, i have quite a bit of friends and acquaintances, even people living abroad and i asked a lot of people if they could ask their friends and acquaintances if they knew someone who was sick or died. Let's say i ask 20 people and each one of them asks 20 other people, we're already at a network of 400, the 400 ask 20 people as well, we're at 8000 people who each know 20 people, so on and so forth, you get the idea.
Literally nothing. Some people were sick and got better in two three days. If this was a pandemic, we wouldn't even be allowed outside, and yet all i have been doing is going for walks downtown.

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it's terrible, tastes like wax

t. wisconsinite

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It sounds like you don't understand what flyovers actually are.
They're the heartland of america, where the states are all virtually indistinguishable from one another. Just try comparing Iowa's "cuisine" with that of Arkansas, Nebraska, or Idaho. It's all the same white trash eating horrifying concoctions made of HFCS and american cheese product.
To say that states like Florida, Texas, and Louisiana all fit into this category is asinine.

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>saved 150 dollars a month on food by eating at home
That's... not hard at all

Bulk Chicken, freeze ground beef, use of beans and pastas to extend meals, make soup of left overs. It's seriously not an accomplishment that you realize eating at home can save you money.

I usually spend about 40-50 a week on food but that's only because when I bike into work I eat a breakfast burrito that runs me ~5 dollars monday-friday. I could easily drop that for at home cereal but it's a good place to cool down from biking in and change for work so I don't come in possibly smelling funky from my 5 mile ride.

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>doesn't even know what dill looks like
>u dont kno wut fresh herbs r
o i m laffin'

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just get me a caviar and butter sandwich and i'll be good

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What are the most nutritionally dense foods?

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>Microwaves emit radiation and causes cancer
Guards, this poster is delusional. Escort him to the infirmary.

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fuck you, claire is my waifu.

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Dont even know what this means. Were doing fine over here brah

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>he doesn't drink Gin&tonic

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>mentally retarded people don't know jack shit about things
The gas stoves require you to push and turn knob, hold it pushed for several seconds until thermal sensors are armed up and then let go.
Unless the sensor is warm, no gas hombre. Thankfully manufacturers were smart enought to think forward for idiots like you who need child locks on everything.

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Ice cold water is the best drink ever and if you disagree, you're either a corn syrup or alcohol addict.

Fuck restaurants charging tons for a glass of some shitty whisky or offering 'bottomless' fizzy sugar water to niggas, if you fall for it, you're a dumb fag.

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>European Union officials, European ministers and Commissioner (Tonio) Borg set up an urgent meeting in Brussels on 13 February 2013 on how to contain the horse meat scandal that exposed flaws in European control systems on food safety, and to formulate an action plan.[98] Following the meeting, EU agriculture ministers announced a three-month programme of DNA testing of processed meat across the European Union.[99] The plan calls for 2,500 random tests on processed food for horse DNA and 4,000 for phenylbutazone (bute), beginning in March 2013, with initial results announced on 15 April 2013. It is unclear why the testing could not start immediately as most of the evidence is still present
You can literally sell Euros horse meat labeled as regular beef and there are no protections against that

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>fish not meat

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Clearly, OP is delusional.

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