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All fries taste like shit

>But you haven't eaten enough!
Went to hundreds of fast food joints, family places, and restaurants, ate 1000s of fry orders, still no.
>But you havent tried the good ones!
All the expensive fries just taste even more herbal, sometimes they add truffle oil so it’s like earthy or cajun seasoning so it’s a little spicey. Still doesnt taste good plus you took away the fries main benefit (cheap)
>But it gets you full!
Baked chicken without seasoning gets me full very quick, even raw kale does. Meanwhile fries just literally make me sick. I have had occasions where I was still sober but had to throw up from all the fries I are, while I regularly teleport home from raw kale without a drop of vomit. And fry vomits are always the worst feeling vomits.

tl;dr FRIES are bad and it's not because I dislike them, it's because they're bad.
>obviously everything I like is good and if I don't then that means it's universally bad
>this is my logic
>I also don't like video games, fast cars, movies, kimchi, hamburgers, pizza with pepperoni, and all meats
>because they're bad

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