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since webm threads are for shitposting anyway - why does the mince in my slowcooker sloppa always come out tough despite cooking on low? any real meat it makes nice and tender, but fucking mince ends up tough.

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>Work night shift at Waffle House
>Some customer comes up to me and says someone's been in the bathroom for like, a half hour
>None of my business if someone's taking a half hour shit but I check on them anyway
>knock on the door
>no answer
>Now I have to call the fucking district manager and have them come to the store because it could be a drug overdose or something
>they bang on the door
>no response
>emergency workers come in and break the door open
>absolutely fucking no one is in there despite the deadbolt being flipped
This happened about a year ago and the door is still fucked up to this day because corporate can't be assed to repair it, since it still locks.

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Geez someone struck a nerve.
I guess I found the 1 poster who isn't just putting on an act itt.

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>I've never had hot drinks before

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