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Kek and fucking sperm

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Im Russian

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You're delusional. They're all scull and bones. Him being a nigger doesn't change a thing.

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>soi rambo replying to himself

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>reee take more effort on 4chins or I call you stubid
>t. amerigoblin salty about beeing found out

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it is a pretty tasty fish done right, but in order for it to be tasty and not dry you need to salt it pretty thoroughly and bring to room temp before hand

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IKTF; I got 500g for 11 squids last year and burnt through it in just over a week... Wonderful taste in moka, espresso, and aero and blends beautifully,,,,
When did you guys realise you had a serious habit/obsession? I found myself with six single origins this morning and wanted to get more... Apparently kenyan masai, honduran cristobal, Viet caramel roast, brazil bourbon, colombian medellin med, and ethiope harare aren't enough...

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I was watching it and found it a world apart from the bullshit we have here in the UK; proper well regarded chefs and a good sense of humour sets it well apart
allez cuisine!
I love the pork belly and sea urchin ones from Chen, but also the Sakai vs Gagnaire one (particularly as I met the latter a few weeks ago)
fyi, here's a site that hosts a bunch of episodes, with most dubbed

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