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What a joke.

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The charge : Conspiracy to Commit Burger
The Verdict : Guilty
The sentence : Diabete Type II

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How do you like your burger? I like mine raw.

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What did he mean by this?

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This burger has a patty that is proportionate to the bun in both thickness and width, meaning when you grab it and squish it down you will able to get proper even bites without it falling apart in your hands.

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1/3 pound is fine, but I wouldnt go beyond that.
Any more than that is gonna be a stupid gordon ramsay meatball on a bun

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>mogs your burger

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>Right um welcome home? Gonna show you how to make the most amazing burger, now for me, the secret of burger, is in the blend.

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No, it just wasn't good. It's about as much of an abomination as some of his own takes on food he's ill prepared to make

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Has Bobby Flay ever made anything close to this abomination?

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Does anyone else feel deep unexplainable horror when watching this video?
Theres something truly eerie and upsettling about this video, as if reality isn't entirely real.

>Gordon looks like a PS3 character
>Gordon heavily seasons 3 patties and puts them into the grill
>Seasons 2 buns and puts them in too
>Seasons 2 slices of onion and puts them in the grill
>Pushes over a bottle of olive oil
>There are now 2 patties, 2 slices of onion and 3 buns in the grill
>Now theres 4 buns on the table
>Gordon talks about his restaurant in Vegas and now there are 5 patties and 4 slices of onion in the grill
>Seasons the patties again, seasons the onion, seasons the grill
>Opens the grill again, there are now 6 patties and 5 slices of onion
>Gordon puts mayo, lettuce and tomato on his 3 burgers on the table and seasons them
>Assembles 3 burgers and leaves 3 patties and 2 slices of onion in the grill
>The burgers he made are even thicker than the infamous "cowboy burger" which he criticized for not being able to fit in his mouth
>Stevie Wonder next door can smell his burgers
>Kim and Kanye are coming over

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Shit burger

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What's the best Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Vegas? It's almost my brother's 21st and we're headed there soon.
>inb4 his perfect burgah restaurant

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You're a dumb queer. Thick burgers are garbage for overweight tasteless pigs, and one British hack who can't even make scrambled eggs or a grilled cheese

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Dude what...

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Based if true.

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