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>tfw gf is a barista
>easily best coffee shop in town
>free coffees whenever i want
>its a good feel my guys

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While I think insect-based diets will definitely become more prominent around the world I cant really imagine the west being completely insect based. At best, insects will be a substitute for plant-based protein by those who can't afford it.

In the next few decades we'll see a shift away from meat in the developed world. Ethical issues aside, the meat industry is completely unsustainable. At the moment, members of the public are too stubborn/ignorant/lazy/reluctant to stop eating meat. But science will change this. Already you can buy vegan burgers which are almost indistinguishable from meat. Think how much more advanced plant-based substitutes will get in the future. Meat will become less desirable as plant-based substitutes are engineered to perfection. After that people will eventually phase meat out of their diets

>not eating engineered deliciousness

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