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>complex flavor
>in a thread about fucking mcdicks
this shill board is dead

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>tfw next door neighbor told me eat bread with peanut butter with my chili
>tfw 15 years later and realize he was right

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He looks sad. Are you sure he gonna live?

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>yfw these charities use 90% of donations on administrative expenses

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Hope he gets rona and dies

Thank God for the 'rona killing so many white Boomer men. Maybe once they are all dead this country can finally get better.

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>can kill lizards and snakes
>CAN'T fuck them

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why can't they just leave

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>pay $75 for me a girl for AYCE seafood lobster & steak buffet
>She goes straight for the salad section
Why do females do this?

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>posting fucking cereal on a cooking forum

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>when your parents disown you over your alcoholism

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That man has lost an additional bit of hope he thought he didn't have.

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>trips says all you gotta do is just not drink

I could have everything in the world.... Or I can drink. I still choose drinking. I am the dumbass, and I know it.

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is that when your liver goes out? I hadn't considered sleeeping might be dangerous for the liver... just seizures. thanks for that

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>isn't really what I'd classify as "crap". It's just a boiled chicken
>just a boiled chicken

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>tfw the kitchen "manager" didn't check last week schedule and put you on 14 days in a row
>tfw you had to do most of the deliveries
>and deal with new staff

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Just look into his eyes.

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>Tfw indian alcoholic

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>Tfw you realize nignogs who make 5 trips to the liquor store for a 40 oz are suffering from the same depression you are when you wait in line behind them with a bottle of vodka.

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the last girl I was with was married... I get this feel.

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>I like music in genreal. I listen to different kinds of genres because I like music.
>I only really like this one genre, but listen to a lot of songs in this specific genre because I like music.
This is reasonable
>I like music. Music is my shit. I only listen to this one song on repeat. I have this other song here if im feeling adventurous.
This is /ck/

>I like beer, so I only drink this one beer I like, or the cheapest one availiable. Its beer after all! No big deal!
This is a hipster for /ck/

A hipster is someone that compulsively follows the newest trends or fashions, and outright refuses to do anything "mainstream".
Drinking or eating what you like to eat is not hipster per se, as long as you're doing it because you like it and not because the beer youre drinking is the hottest new shit this week.

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