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This is definitely not correct.
My ten second method works fine.
If I let it soak a minute, any egg that soaks all the way into the middle is 1/2" from the surface, and will never cook.
I've got to also imagine the bread would fall apart when you try to transfer it to the pan.

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>mellow yellow
I've never heard of a restaurant carrying Mellow Yellow.
What on Earth ever gave you the impression you could order Mellow Yellow?

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>Just keep doing layered smash burgers
Smash burgers come out medium well at best.
Complete waste of beef.

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>miracle whip

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>eating restaurant food God only knows who breathed, wheezed, coughed or spit on in the middle of a global pandemic.
All muh shiggy diggy, Opie.

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>I've lost all track of reality, and still have some delusional hope for humanity.

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CTRL-F4, you have no idea how reality works.
But keep eating that many eggs, and get back to in 20-30 years. You know, the LONG TERM, idiot.

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>I legitimately have never gotten sick from the mushrooms I've picked.
So you don't understand what I meant when I used the word "risk"?
Honestly wouldn't want to trust your judgement in relation to sharp scissors, let alone food sourcing.
Good luck, Anon.

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>complaining about the fun pepper grinder
Not me, I was defending the pure theater (and culinary delight) of fresh ground pepper, when I was distracted by your super-hot porn post.

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I really appreciate the input, and if I try again, I might try your recipe.
I'm still discouraged though.
You're one of hundreds (thousands?) sharing their recipe/technique on the internet.
And I appreciate that.
But every attempt I've made has been based on something that works for someone else, but just doesn't work for me.
Super simple example: Most sourdough starter instructions say to start with 1:1 for the flour to water ratio, by weight.
That just can't be right. When I do that, I get play-dough, but everybody else gets something a little thicker than pancake batter.
When you say 2:1 for feeding, I'm guessing you mean 2 parts water to 1 part flour by weight?
I'm using bottled spring water, a proofing basket, all-purpose flour with gluten added (2 tablespoons per loaf), and a silicon sheet for working the dough.
My best present guess is that the dough gets over-fermented, even though it never rises, and I just don't know how that could happen.
And if 2 hours at 90 is getting me over-proofed, it's hard to imagine 12 hours at room temp isn't going to do the same.

Despite my frustration, I really do appreciate the effort. Thanks.

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