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>hes never grilled a burger
you purposely overseason when grilling as the grill and spatula combined with flipping multiple times removes almost all the seasoning.
>pepper on tomatoes
the only way to eat them
>hes never used a pepper grinder
looks like the peppermill may be low on corns as hes gotta grind the fuck out of them to get some pepper out. anyone with a peppermill knows youll sit and twist that fuck for 30 seconds or more over getting the peppercorns out and filling that fuck up again.
this, amazing how something so simple can get so fucked up so easily.

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Hey, I care. I'm here and want to help. Eating the same microwaved leftovers everyday has got to make you want to kill yourself. Please, dont do it. I know you may want help but are too scared to ask for it..

So, instead of spending an entire day making garbage to eat throughout the entire week, let me teach you how to PREPare foods on a daily basis in the same amount, or less than the time you waste making leftovers.

For one example (and i have many more,) pic related, is what i made for dinner in a little over 30 minutes, start to finish. (rarefags suck it, i like my meat cooked.) You can make great food in 30 minutes, 45 tops, every day and you dont have to do anything extra except maybe wash a dish every night. But wouldnt that be worth it?

If you feel you need help, please, just ask. Please stop eating leftovers.

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