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>he gets his porn from The Internet's Hugbox

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Boy I'm sure this won't end poorly with certain melanin-enriched individuals kicking and breaking the thing trying to get someone else's order

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>sometimes I eat the same thing every single day
>except sometimes I have this instead of that
>and I sometimes go to McDonalds

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>he doesn't put mayonnaise on his steak

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i know better than you yes, thank you

>everything i say is true but you can't actually know if it's true or not unless you make up .00001% of the population and have an anecdotal argument to back it up

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>go to part of grocery store that strictly houses snack foods
>"wow no wonder americans are so fat all their food is full of sugar and processed bullshit"

ignore the fact that your average supermarket caters to just about any dietary regiment imaginable, lets all just shitpost and cherrypick.

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