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I made sauerkraut, let it ferment for a week, and just tasted it for the first time in my life.

It's bitter and sour and I had to eat it with sausage to stomach the flavor.

Did I fucked it up?
How is this supposed to taste?
What can I add in my next time to make this taste better?

I hope it wasn't spoiled, my stomach is not so well after eating it.

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/FAP/Fermenting And Preserving

We are back.
ITT we discuss about recipes and techniques on fermenting and preserving
This is a slow thread, if you see it on page 10 kindly BURP it so it keeps fermenting properly.
last thread: >>17277190
frens on other board: >>>/diy/2256364
Pickling was changed for Preserving due to anons request. >>17150015

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