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>use doordash/skipthedishes at least once a week for years
d-do I still tip...?

I only tip if I KNOW the driver's going to get it. but will the driver know if I don't tip?

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A-anon, can you read English?

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Who are the worst food workers /ck/? I think it is bartenders, I just had one threaten me that he would fuck with my drink because I didn't tip (tipped him 25% earlier), wasn't going to do it again since all he did was pulled a fucking lever in a cup. I never get why /ck/ hated tippers but now I know.

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I was just cussed by a chinese delivery driver, because i gave him like a .76 cent tip, this is also along with a $2 delivery fee. I also got a general tso chicken with no fucking white rice.

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