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Oh cool, didn’t kow could keep a dry bag of beans in my work truck, rehydrate, spice and then cream them every day in the time it takes to open a can. Yeah, really helped me out there bud. I’ll be sure to start bringing my Dutch oven and ol flint fire starter and can make a big pot for the boys! Fucking pilgrim ass bitch think before you post.

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Enough of the fucking Fast food and Doordash threads

Get the FUCK in here and tell us what the last thing you actually cooked was and what you thought of it

You DO actually cook, right anon?

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It was my first stab at Chef Johns Baked Risotto recipie; I usually always follow recipies to the letter the first time before making adjustments. Honestly this stuff was legit 11/10, texture was incredibly smooth and creamy with a very balanced flavor from the savoury mushrooms and Parmesan. Might deviate a bit next time but his basic recipie was on par with any Risotto I've had in Italy

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>You are after all the Benito Mussolini of your baked linguine!

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lmao. i hope Adam sees this and jerks off to interracial porn. he will never be a real chef like /ourguy/ Chef John

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>Putting shit in your Mac and cheese instead of enjoying it the way God and our forefathers intended it to be

Anything besides Mac, cheese and milk its a fucking casserole

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this is a chef john board

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Behead those who insult Chef John

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i've done gorditas, roast chicken, lots of stuff with eggs. Should i do pasta stuff next or make perogi? i don't know.

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>Also I'm trans if that matters
heres your (you)

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this is a chef john board, zoomers get the rope

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very based cheers OP

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Adam Ragusea is the embodiment of slave morality. You can tell that behind his cringey little "you do you!" shit and starting his plebbit comments with "friend, ...", there's real contempt hiding. He speaks this way because he's terrified of confrontation and has no idea how to handle disagreement. It's quite evident that he genuinely thinks he's the shit, but he's just too much of a coward and a mental weakling to face any critique head-on and honourably. That's why he hedges with these weasely little phrases, why he pre-empts all possible criticism with a pre-written and pinned FAQ, and why he saw the need to make that bizarre and incoherent video on why he refuses to use metric conversions.

So it doesn't surprise me that he's prone to the occasional outburst of impotent anger in his comments section from time to time -- he clearly has an ego and a measure of masculine rage, but has never learnt what to do with them, and has spent his life being afraid of any kind of self-affirmation. Why, for example, did he overreact with such vitriol to this relatively benign comment about ceramic stoves? Why does he get so upset over a very gentle quip about the narration? Because that's the kind of language in which Adam would himself codify his criticism. He interprets the slightest of gibes as full-frontal attacks because that's the way he'd make a criticism. Simple, honest and straightforward language is not for him; he lacks the courage to be direct.

As other anons have said, all of this has probably been reinforced/cemented by his having been a professor, where he's been able to go mostly unchallenged in his little fiefdom for years.

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Yep. I was out of things to listen to today so I gave it a listen out of boredom. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I hope /ck/ has a field day with it.

Adam's even more soi than we had assumed.

Not preparing ahead of time and stretching out his bullshit to hit 1 hour duration because he thinks podcasts need to be 1 hour. This episode should have been 20 min.

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>Food Wishes (Chef John) - entertaining to watch but why the fuck does he always end his lines in a high pitch as if he's asking a question? pisses me off sometimes
Because after all, you are the Charlton Heston, of sounding like you're asking a question.

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>why are right wingers mad about this?
more electric stove top cope!
real chefs, like Chef John, use clean burning natural gas (Made in America btw)

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>chef john recipe
Got a problem with that gas cuck Ragusea?

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>the most likable cookfag on youtube
you take that back, motherfucker!

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Chef John

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