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are 40oz gas station beer the ultimate alchie beverage, sure chugging vodka is fun buts its not realistic unlike chugging 40s

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>crack open bottle
>tribal music begins playing

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reminder that only real men drink 40s

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Question for regular alcohol drinkers, when you're sober do you ever feel like your'e in a psychotic state? It seems more and more, that during the periods in between drinking sessions, I feel like I'm going insane until I have some drinks, like not insane from a desire to drink or craving, just in general

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Let's talk malt liquor. Some are repulsed by it, and that's probably understandable, but some of us have a preference for it, I for one grew up drinking it as a broke teenage scumbag and will always have a sense of comfort sipping on a nice 40 of this gutter swill. It's conveniently large, tastes no worse than any cheap beer really such as a bud or a miller, and gets you drunker faster for those of us who like a good buzz but prefer casually sipping beer to taking shots or something

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How many 40s can you drink out straight, before passing out?
I love beer myself, but after one or two regulars, I feel blown up, and switch to booze..

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