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>working at eegees when i was 21
>18 yr dumb whore was trying to make a salted cheese pretzle for a customer
>typically these are made by spraying it with water from the sink then throwing salt and a provolone slice on it
>the spray bottle is always labled water
>Before she prayed the water on i stopped her
>told her the water bottle wasnt labled at all
>asked her if she knew for sure if it was water
>she said it was okay because it was where the water bottle always was
>i take it and smell inside
>smells like fucking bleach
>ask her to smell it
>she ssays she doesnt smell anything and sprays it on her shirt and shrugs her shoulers
>i take it from her and givwe here a new bottle with water
>she makes the pretzle with the water i gave her and gives it to the customer
>later in the shift i see the original pretzle water bottle floating in the sink in the back
> i see her wearing the same shirt next week with a bleach spot exactly where she sprayed herself
>dumb bitch couldve killed someone

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