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You stupid nigger. It's that high becaus its a concntrated powder. But than you only use like 2g of it for a whole cup not the sam amount as ground coffee. Fucking mongoloid.

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Incredibly and undeniably based

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Cauliflower is better than broc, also fried eggplant. But yeah, carbs are also great for gains if they aren't heavily processed garbage. People didn't win wars eating hardtack because bread is bad for you.

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Much obliged.
>no sound still
Fuck sake.

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Oh sorry, that wasn't me. I was attempting to bait you into talking about the US and then be an asshole by pointing out that referring to the US as "America" is stupid on your part. If you really intended to disparage the US you wouldn't claim it is the entire continent of the Americas. If anything your clear passion for that nation is somewhat pitiable.
Either way, keep on hating friend.

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It will never not shock me the plastic container did not melt. If I put something like that in my oven, fucking forget it.
Makes the rest of the video boring by comparison. It's like a some kind of intense thriller with that plastic shit.

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Fucking retard

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you're suppose to cut the noodles, though.

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My soups taste like my stews which I just realized taste like my ragu. How do I take myself by surprise? Stop using onion and garlic for a month and stock up on spices?

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For me, its the welsh scissor method

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> Discuss recipes
> Doesn't post a recipe
People like you are why Hitler rose to power

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Weak bait cunt
Please stay in your infested rathole and buy another $9 burnt toast with a smidge of avocado on top for me

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>"When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
>C.S. Lewis

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living the dream bby

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>There is only one way to eat spaghetti-

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