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I have some pork belly strips and I'd like to do a stew type things with them. I made chilli recently and it turned out really well, I'm wondering if I could just use similar ingredients for a good result? I would fry the onions and pork before putting it all together in a casserole dish in the oven for a couple hours of so.

Any advice? Ingredients to add? This is a list of all the stuff I have that I think is relevant. Pic not related obviously.

tinned tomatoes
tomato paste
kidney beans
chick peas
chilli powder

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this was unironically the first fucking thing to come to mind

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>Black pudding, mushrooms, heinz baked beans and some toast.

Just go all the way at this point.

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Typical Americans. I'll take a full English for ma brekkie mate

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maaaaaaaaan i'd give anything for a full english now

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this kills the jew

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However the brexit ends, we're gonna miss your lovely food.

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what is /ck/ used to have as breakfast?

Post recipes, pics, stories, etc.

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Who was the first brit to think tomatoes, blood sausage, mushrooms, and baked beans was a good idea for breakfast?

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as an american, i love british cuisine. a lot of people describe it as bland and uninspired but i personally view it as more of a comfort food type vibe. im a huge fan of brown sauces and gravys. and like american food, british pub food is great to eat while youre enjoying a cold beer with your friends. also i feel the british eat the best breakfasts. what gives UK cuisine a bad name is when they try to imitate other country's cooking styles when it just doesnt go well with theirs

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How in hell do Bongs eat this as a supposed hangover cure? I could never eat this for a normal breakfast, much less as a meal after drinking. Usually i only drink tea and coffee in the morning ( maybe some buttered toast ), later some soup with beer or cola, and in the evening perhaps something stronger. What's the secret?
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