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Dry out the skin- flatten them out kinda, leave coarse salt on them for maybe 30 mins
Convection bake 325-350 for about an hour
Season with whatever your favorites are- I use chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder and a tiny bit of sugar and cumin

It is like fried chicken

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lol pepe

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>Wake up
>Remember it's Easter and thank God

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Organic ketchup is no meme my friends, a lot more tangy

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You can!
I do this

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That's a good idea t bh

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Pad Thai fried rice leftovers

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Heating up the tortilla in the microwave helps it fold without breaking easier
Also don't have to scramble them, can beat them and cook them almost like an omelette but flat folding once so the eggs hold together

For me it's frying 1 slice of bacon, lightly cook a beaten egg in the grease (cover, almost steaming the egg), placing American cheese on some warm bread, then the bacon and egg. About to do this right now and make some tea

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Haven't drank alcohol in 3 weeks for no real reason and feel fantastic. Used to drink every 2 days or so. Working out in general just feels nicer too

Key is to just not have any in the house desu. Or at least not any you like

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>Europe's most iconic downtown buildings are McDonalds

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Toast bread
Heat bacon in pan
Put American cheese on the bottom slice of bread
Bacon on top
Turn off heat on the pan and steam the beaten egg in grease
Add to sandwich

I like it because the egg doesn't overpower everything when cooked super lightly

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Thank you Pepe

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>finally Jell-O
an essential part of the full american breakfast

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Yes it's fucking gross I never liked it, then I found out how it's actually made from scratch fresh at work and my mayonnaise hatred reached new levels

basically pure oil

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What food do NEETs eat? Are they living on rice and beans? Getting take outs? Using. that time wisely to learn how to cook?

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looks tasty anon

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One of the reasons American soldiers got slaughtered on the beaches of Omaha in WW2 was that they were given a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, coffee, toast etc and many soldiers felt sick or bloated, slowing them down.

never change Americans

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tfw eating unhealthy food on purpose to shorten lifespan

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people have probably been frogposting on 4chan longer than you've been alive whiny bitch

>but reddit knows about my secret frog now so I can't enjoy it

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In the same boat right now, anon, lost 100lbs but have quite a few more to lose (389 right now). Emotional eating is incredibly difficult to overcome, since you're inches away of consuming your "poison" every time you choose to put something in your mouth.

It's easy to make fun of fat people for the obvious reasons, but really, when anyone exceeds the 300lb mark, something terribly wrong happened in that person's life. The mental energy it takes to not fill your emotional void with food when it's not only easily accessible, but when you're already at a weight that drains you of most or all of the physical and mental energy you have, it's all too easy to be sucked back into the cycle.

It's great that you're almost past the 300s. I wish you the best - that you heal fully from your past, and look forward living life at its fullest.

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breakfast cereal. specifically something like reese's puffs. so fucking good. cheetos, gummi candy, and ice cream are the other things that i usually eat when baked.

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