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what a fucking mess though

the salt creeping up everywhere and being powdery was bad enough but I hate it when things are sticky

I think, I'm going to blend the remains of the brown sugar and white and make some drop candy or caramels or something, but i'm not sure what flavourings I have on hand. do people on /ck/ ever even make candy?
the honey, well the honey itself isn't bad but i'm sort of sick of the taste of it right now, it can just sit in the fridge or something

yeah I think so too, the sugar could probably be replaced by, i dont know, food grade saw dust? the salt does most of the work, sugar just fits the bill.
with egg contaminated sugar it could be reused for a lot of things like icing or cookies
but there aren't a lot of uses for 50/50 salt and sugar, and egg.
it's worth mentioning though that these mixes can be reused to some extent doing more eggs, but I don't know how long you could really re-use the sugar based ones before they start to build roads and cities until the sugar has developed it's own culture.
one thing I did not try though, was icing sugar.
if you were to dust the yolks with icing sugar before putting them into a salt mix I think you could potentially prevent all the salt sticking to it at the end leaving an undesirable outside.
to get it good I had to basically peel the layers of salt away

the brown sugar had the stronger flavour between it and the white sugar.
I had mine too low in the can, but sitting it in a capped mound could be a good option as the molasses would travel down.

I can't say I really recommend any of them with whats happened, though it could be possible to do it right
these were like this nearly a week, but I do think the brown sugar had the best moisture content for the final product, it was a lot softer than the others while still thick.
could try for say, 11 days
if the outside is like wax and has liquid in the middle its not possible which is something i'm afraid of.

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