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If I'm gonna fap, I need to see it dead or pretending to be. The only hole I'm gonna fill for a faggot is the degeneracy they left behind.

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Yes, feed me more delicious asspain

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Based Kelly

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Every once in a while, I see one of these and laugh my ass off because this is pure meme ascension. Shitposting without any regard to the environment or perception of others. When thought out shitposting is far too common, so common even normfag shits try to do it, so you ascend by prying open a restrained board's jaws and spray shitting light yellow/green/brown glop down its throat.

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Look, bro. We'll just have to be our own pieces of shit in our own ways even though yours is sicker. I could say animals are lesser so they don't feel anything, but you'd be a hypocrite and argue that too. Society fucked you up, which I get. But keep your morbid fantasies to yourself.

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>ONE drink better

>Charlie Sheen eating fucked up taco bell and washing it down with prune juice mixed alcohol
>gets high and winds up getting gigabeast fucked up the ass multiple packs of niggers
>he then takes an endless fiery, liquid spray semen shit into a glass
Like fucking magic. Infinitely better than 4loko.

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>eating fish when beef or chicken options are readily available

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