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Yeah, and? This isn't a thread about the US. Then again I suppose every foreigner's thread is about the US on some level.

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It's mashed potatoes with cheese that's ben stirred a lot. Wow the peak of culinary art.

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Some kind of fish paste?

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Aame thing happened to me with mayonnaiae. Atrocious """sauce""". Just ruins any perfectly good food

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you get what you're looking for. Most dishes I made recently are trivial to make vegetarian (chicken stock -> veggie stock) or already are.

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ProTip: Tell us why IHOP was terrible.

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>when you can't carry your diverse family to Pizza Hut because you spent cash on crack cocaine but it's okay because P.Murphy takes food stamps so you can watch your kids can be happy eating pizza and playing on a stolen PS4 that BeBe's little cousin Jamal got for him since your S.O. is doing 5-10 years in state penitentiary for armed robbery.

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how come some of you fucking customers who come into my store are so stupid? i had a guy come in to the subway i work at and ask for "chunky monkey chicken." "uhhhh, i don't remember what i got," and "uhhhhhhh" in general, plus your inability to read the fucking menu.
piss off

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>Charging 7 fucking dollars for a hotdog

Holy fucking shit, I don't care how many toppings you pack onto that thing, Hotdogs are like a max 3 dollar item.

If these prices are for Drink + Fries it's still too high. But for JUST the dog? Jesus Christ this is highway robbery.

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That bottom hot cross bun is going to be so wet and nasty if it even exists

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i always put ketchup on my steamed vegetables, that's the only way i could eat them

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>17 grams of fat
>28 grams in an oz.
>16 oz in a pound
I could eat 25 burgers in a day and only gain a pound.

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Propaganda galore.

No, commercial whaling will not destroy the ocean, acid rain isn't going to destroy forests, and carbon offsets are just ways to tax retards who don't realize the environment crisis groups are ways to launder money thanks to useful idiots that have no critical thinking skills.

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>tfw crabby paty's are made with chum

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i have the most confused boner

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>not even fried chicken
>Chicken looks soggy and probably making the waffle soggy too

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>I weny when I was a lady

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Did that chicken turn into fucking beef?

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Why do minorities and other retards go
Is it some genetic defect that these subhumans, including some other whites, can't possibly enjoy food without scorching their fucking mouths?

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>cheese on red beans & rice

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Look at the floor, walls, and furniture. These aren't trashy parents that reward their gremlin spawns with Christmas gifts when, throughout the year, the spoiled brats misbehaved.

The punishment is a bit harsh but not over the top.

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It was foot long hot dog day at school in kindergarden, and I had a packed lunch. I threw a tantrum until my mom came to school and gave me money for it.

I got the worst food poisoning of my life from it. For the rest of my life, when I got sick, I'd get emotional and crazy.

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At least it's cooking related OC

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