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>10% ABV
>100 IBU
>Columbus, Warrior, Cascade, Simcoe, Chinook
>94 on BA
Sounds good, OP. I'd say I'll keep an eye out for it, but I don't live anywhere near Alabama and don't plan on visiting anywhere near Alabama any time soon.

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>more complicated brewing method
>typically higher abv, which means more malts used, which makes it more expensive
>more hops and a wider variety used than other styles, which makes it more expensive
>brewers know that a certain portion of the population simply doesn't like high IBU beer and yet they make it anyway, despite costing them more
What in the actual fuck could the "ulterior motives" be? Most brewers like to brew IPAs because they represent the most advanced style of beer that doesn't use adjuncts or special brewing methods. Making a really good IPA is basically the highest accomplishment you can reach as a brewer while still sticking to the Reinheitsgebot. It's basically the apex of what traditional beer can be. Lots of people also really like it because it typically has a nice middle ground abv while packing a ton of flavor and still being refreshing on a hot day.

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Congratulations, OP. You're like one of 4 people on /ck/ that can actually cook a burger.

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No, people actually like IPAs. Some people don't, but many people do. There's lots of different IPAs, and some are very hop forward while others leave you with a bitter hop aftertaste. If you want something a little more balanced try drinking a double or even a triple IPA. You should also be drinking them as fresh as possible; hops should be floral and nuanced and just taste like bitter grass. The reason IPAs are so popular with brewers is because they represent the furthest you can go on the spectrum of extracting as much flavor from a beer while still using the basic 4 ingredients of the Reinheitsgebot. Like any style, there's a lot of bad IPAs out there. Making a good one is more challenging than something like a basic lager.

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Homebrewing just to save money is retarded. You should think of it as a hobby, because you like beer, and still buy other people's beer, and want to learn more about beer and try your hand at it. This isn't a perfect analogy, but think about it like learning how to play guitar because you like music. Are you going to stop buying albums (inb4 "buying" and "wats an albuumm?") because you can make your own music? No. Are you actually making money on your amateur guitar skills? Probably not. That said, it's not really a big investment if you want to give it a try, but most people fizzle out after a dozen brews (though probably got their money's worth at that point) and never really brewed anything they'd order twice at a bar. Then again, other people really get into it and make their own shit that's good and print out labels and proudly give it out to their friends and those guys are pretty cool. Some of those guys go on to open up their own breweries.

tl;dr reddit is kind of correct on this point

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My take on spicy food has always been to just find what level you're comfortable with and if you know you don't want the 2 million scoville reaper sauce then don't have it. I typically stick to habanero/serrano/jalapeno tier, and honestly those have the best flavors from what I've had. It's not a contest; some people just have more of a tolerance to capsaicin, and you're not less manly or whatever if you don't like really hot stuff. On the other hand, if you absolutely refuse to eat anything spicy you're kind of a picky eater. You're like a little girl. The sauces in the OP pic (aside from the EY) are basically enchilada sauce. Imagine eating enchiladas without the sauce. When I was 4 and my dad made his "famous" puttanesca I'd always cry and demand buttered noodles, and he always gave me shit for having shit taste. Looking back, he was right.

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