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>I have never personally got cut by one but I know the day is coming. It's coming for all of us.
please god no

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So what you're saying is city-fags just drink the lead; there's that fact that food tastes sweeter and heartier as well because it's unsanitary? Why the fuck are coasties allowed to live?

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It's mainly drunks honestly, but you probably already knew that. How was the line today?

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>A few years is a significant difference you retard.
Difference in perspective really.

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You're just ignorant. I don't mean it as an insult. This board has a large number of people who work in service. Linefags and dishbitches all needing to slit metaphorical throats to help with their stressful job lives. It has less to do with you than it does with them.
As an aside, I have a little more advice. Considering your interest in maturity. I would urge you to think over why this ordeal made you upset. Hopefully at some point you realize expecting others to care about what you care about, friend or not, is selfish. Good intentions or not.

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Last night around 2 in the morning, my willpower broke down because I couldn't sleep and I decided to go get some Burger King. I got dressed, got in my car and drove there, and it was closed. Fuck.
So I went to a McDs instead. And it was fucking closed. What the hell man I thought Mickey Ds was 24 hour.
So, I got on the freeway and drove to a different McDs nearby, and got some food.
All told it took over and hour and progressively broke me down by forcing me to admit to myself, over and over, that they are in control, not me. I'm a slave to shitty food because I'm weak willed.

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I learned 3 languages as a toddler, English was never a second language for me. Plants do not eat things, it was an incorrect usage of the word. And frankly most high schools do not even teach ecology. You are misinformed and arrogant.

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A white female French-American vegan who owned an adopted street-dog which later had to be put down because it bit someone once mocked me for thinking peanut butter was healthy.
That bitch...

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>ah bloo bloo
Give recipe then dumdum. This board is for drunk line cooks and doped up dish bitches off work to let out stress.
Looks like you used bacon, so you're like the perma dirt on my heels. Not even worth the effort removing but also not exactly what I care to have around.

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>people too stupid to make steel

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>Non-Judgmental Lentil
>Slay queen.
>Vegan (yes, really!)
I cannot wrap my head around virtue-signaling npc behavior. When I was young, this sort of shit made people want to shun your for being an attention whore.

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>waiting for the weekend to drink
so most of you dont have 0.6L of vodka every day before going to bed?

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God I hate women

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I used my coffee table back when I had my TV way up high, then I started just eating on my huge wooden desk I keep the computer on when I got rid of the TV.

There's no point in a dining table when you eat alone.

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My only living grandmother was a snake that put arsenic into her food unironically. Slept with a knife in her bed. So, nothing.

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I'm currently grieving over the loss of my mother and it is how I deal with it.
Oh also I had these string fries like 15 years ago that made every other fry look like flaming garbage so I guess it is also anger related to not being able to get those fries again. I mean really you ever just have the best version of a dish and feel cheated after every other time you eat it? Like fuck man, i'm glad to have had the experience but I feel like it's never going to be as good as then. Ah well.
Still though, crinkle cut? The FUCK is that platter?

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Coming from someone who isn't marketing for a billion dollar industry I feel as if spending money on marketing here, on 4chan, isn't worth it. But then again what do I know. I guess the thinking is "cast a wider net, catch more fish".
Possible, but again, I don't know if it matters. How much of a difference is there between a robot programmed to advertise and a human programmed to talk about advertisements....

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Your grasp on the English language is abysmal. Have you ever been pitied for it?

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I don't care about myself. I do care about them. Telling them to sink is something i'd rather not do. Did that with one uncle and I still regret it. Mind you he still texts me fucking bible quotes but i'm pretty sure that's because he thinks I am possessed. Got drunk and told him i'd kill him and his daughter if he didn't leave me alone.
Not my proudest moment. But the sentiment was there.

Anyway picked up 3 handles of Taaka 100 proof today. Made a joke about "stocking up just in case" and the old guy working the register (good guy) got me into a discussion about how our state considers booze stores essential. He said it was because of detox deaths. But I told him it had more to do with taxes giving local GOV good money. Hope the old fucker makes it, he's a drunk but I interrupt his cig breaks every time I show up so I feel like a jackass.

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All food is childrens food, if the kid is hungry enough.

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The 10/5 ratio aside here you should have put a modicum of effort into looking up what the job actually is like before getting into it. Just because you enjoy doing something in your free time your way doesn't mean it will be anything like that in a professional environment with strangers while answering to a boss.
This is just common sense. Though to give you the benefit of the doubt that sort of thing isn't taught anymore. Maybe you got hung out to dry by an older generation and then hosed when you thought it would be nice to do what you like for work. Sadly that just isn't the case OP. Also sorry about your incurable faggotry, hopefully one day you'll get tired of cock gargling. But somehow, I doubt it.

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>existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.
It's an interesting point to bring up. Mothers milk is natural but also made by humankind by technicality. I could see your issue potentially but I do not see a point in faulting the packaging, clearly is is meant to be a joke about the milk not being from a cow.
Rule 25 deals with "off-topic" very clearly. It is part of how the site works.

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Fruit in the morning, maybe some bread if it's going to be an active day.
Chili, sandwiches, light pasta's, light curry, assortment of meats cheese's for lunch, all served with some kind of berry or snack bar (read fiber)
Anything you would normally eat for dinner, good time to introduce seafoods and harsher dark greens.
General rule of thumb is water primarily, some kind of electrolight based liquid is good for active days so long as it is low in sugar. Fruit juices should always be watered down.
Desserts should almost always be cake based to help establish it is a portion of the meal to enjoy, something sit down oriented. Feel free to make it as sweet and savory as possible though, if you're going to give them dessert it might as well be a bit overboard.

When they inevitably discover processed candy goods give it to them as a replacement for dessert. This will quell negative feedback loops and positive affirmation bias in a week.
Note all of this only works if they are home-schooled. Otherwise you may as well feed them nothing but milkshakes and potato chips.

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>mom used to make sloppy joes and mac n cheese when i was a wee lad
those days are never coming back

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