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Broccoli is frustrating. Tenderstem is nice but boring, even steamed the construction of the typical floret means the buds will be mush and the stems hard, even when steamed, and even when steam dried. The only work around I've found is to either cut to the bone and separately cook the stem, or tenderstem boil upright to soften the stem and finish off in the pan.

Recently I've been experimenting with broccoli purees. It's a very easy out and with enough butter it comes out well. You can plate this well with other green veg on top of the puree, or even beneath a protein.

Never figured out how to make broccoli work without hiding it in something else. Any tips would be welcomed.

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>eat farm-raised salmon from the store with basmati rice
>tasty but awful aftertaste and feel slightly nausea all evening afterward

every time

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when it comes to spiders it varies greatly

you can put a tarantula on my arm and I'll chill with it for a bit but I am never touching a black widow even once

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Is garlic sauce any good with rice? Never considered it.

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Me too, but they're already putting our the Halloween candy, it's time to dial this shit back and celebrate holidays at an appropriate time.

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Isn't that roast beef on the bottom left? Also that prosciutto pile looks somewhat choice as well. Rest of that platter is grim

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whats wrong with your thumb dude, it looks messed up

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I prefer sardines, or deenz for short

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>2 cans a month
But I need caffeine daily

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Fuck man, I havent had good fish n chips for ages since some pakis bought the local resturant and the food went to shit.

Need to make my own some time

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>ywn use a vegetable flogging device on her thicc ass

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A lot of people don't like 'strong' tastes. Hence why Tuna's the most popular canned fish since it tastes so bland/can be covered up with mayo.

>tfw canned Smoke Oysters used be good with like 9-12 oysters in the can, but now when you get a can there's 30 tiny little oysters that taste like bitter garbage

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I just finished making some dolled-up ramen. Hot spring eggs, shredded chicken, home made bouillon, the works

Halfway through shredding the chicken while the eggs boiled I started up with some kind of retarded kitchen shanty
>shredded chicken at the bottom of the bowl
>shredded chicken at the bottom of the bowl-ll-ll
>soup will be good, it's nice to make some food
>shredded chicken at the bottom of the bowl (baritone)

D-does anybody else do this?

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