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authentic Irish Stew

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Yes but only barely. Ideally, you'd want to put a copper heatsink into your food. Copper has a higher rate of transfer of the heat from your food into its structure than air. However, copper has a high capacity for heat (That's called specific heat if you are using sciencefag terms invented to confuse you) so you will need a fan to move a lot of air over the heatsink. So the next time you are thinking of biting into that 500 degree potato, just remember. Since it has a large capacity for heat, it also stays cold very long. If you bought copper plates, you could put those in the freezer before placing your 500 degree potato onto it. Then you will get natural cooling while you enjoy your meal.

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I took a biochemistry based nutrition class (was a biochem major) once and the prof went on about how going into ketosis is actually bad for your brain.
also coffee is not good for you, contrary to popular /ck/ posts though it seems studies nowadays lean towards 1-2 cups actually being beneficial to you

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dunno what you're talkin about. It's a rarely debated matter.

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I knew this image would come in handy some day.

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Worst food related memories

>10th birthday party
>I pissed off my dad the day before because he found me masturbating to gay pokemon porn on the internet
>everyone in my class was invited
>about 10 or so show up
>whatever, good enough
>we're playing video games and talking
>mom brings out the cake
>some ugly store bought shit
>whatever good enough
>she digs some faggoty colored candles and lights them
>as I lean in to blow them out, my dad walked by and pretended to 'accidentally' push me forward so I lost my balance and fell face-first into the cake
>one candle digs into my left eye
>get cake in both my eyes
>burning candle fucking gouged into my eye
>blood everywhere
>everyone screaming
>get rushed to hospital and stay out of school for months
>everyone talked about what happened at the party
>they all wrote me some faggoty poem wishing me well and signed it
>one kid drew a picture of me with an eye patch
>poem is full of pirate puns
>they give it to me the day I come back
>teacher makes a show of everyone reading the line they wrote and giving me this ugly, oversized abomination of glue and construction paper
>rip it up in front of everyone and silently sit back down

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If I were to guess, they mean cook on medium heat setting.

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I recently bough a moka pot and there's some weird ass leaking from the bottom part. Not between sections, just from the wall of bottom chamber. What the fuck is this?

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Is coffee good for you?

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is this an instant noodles thread?
you guys got any recommendations for good and tasty instant noodle brands?

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is coffee good for you

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