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That reason is even more retarded kek

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>The Hotel Hell episode where the dad was offering his guests weed in his "bud hut"

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Cursed thread

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Are you the guy who posted that dry burger yesterday?

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Brother, I worry for your health

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How many times does this thread need to be made? The answer is yes if you're eating red meat everyday or in excessive amounts. If you're not eating red meat daily and you're physcially fit then you're fine.

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>my body looks like the same except even fatter thighs

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>made in ms paint
>twitter meme
>boy howdy

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I hope you got the help you needed

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I didn't ask.

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A month ago, after work I stopped by Indian placed and had some chicken tikka. While eating it I bit down on a suspiciously hard piece of chicken. And hour later I'm nearly shitting myself, I would have shat myself if I didn't find a gas station. When I finally got to the bathroom I pulled my pants down and shit started projecting out of my ass as I sat down. After finishing I look around and there's no toilet paper, so I have to waddle to the door and stick my head and call to one of the gas station guys to get me a roll of paper. When I was done cleaning myself and the toilet I walked out and thanked the guy but he wouldn't make eye contact with me.

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>Smoke doesnt have a taste though

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>. The bread tastes a little like foil bag but otherwise it’s really tasty
i never had that happen to me ever

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>>cannot be stained
he doesnt know...

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>family friend keeps claiming I need to eat real food
>all she does is literally eat entire aninals, not even processed but the whole animal
Yes... only animals exist and plants are fake...

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>hot bed of air

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Why opt for a burger when you can have a steak?

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