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After 12 years of drinking beer, I have came to the conclusion that Coors Banquet is a much better value than drinking craft beer.
Banquets are delicious, drinkable, and relatively affordable.

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Coors is unironically the best beer you can buy

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>be into craft beer since 2010
>never been a beer snob but always paid a lot of attention to craft beer and sampled it
>recently lose interest with it because it's even more IPA dominant than before
>just drink lots of Coors Banquet which is cheap and tastes better than most meme craft beers
I would like to get into craft beer again but the scene is becoming more and more meme beer driven, such as hazy IPAs that taste like bitter orange juice.

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Why do homeless guys and derelicts always drink this stuff?

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>started drinking beer 11 years ago, and have drank a lot of beer since then
>always was into craft as well as regular beer
>lately I just want to drink Coors Banquet, as it's cheap and has the right amount of flavor/alcohol to be enjoyable to drink all night
>also like Budweiser

Has this happened to any of you guys? The craft market these days so heavily revolves around meme IPAs that I just don't have much interest in it anymore, especially since a craft 6 pack is like 12 or 13 dollars now.

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This beer is genuinely good and I know people ranging from alcoholic bums to craft beer guys who love this and drink it all the time

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Why are breweries even more IPA centric now than 5 years ago?
As someone who likes non-meme beers, this is disappointing.
If all that's available are Hazy IPAs and pastry stouts, I'd rather just buy Budweiser and Coors Banquet

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Coors Banquet is so fucking good for a cheap, mass produced beer. I'll take this over 95% of IPAs, especially sessioning.

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Is Coors Banquet the best of the "regular" American beers? I like Budweiser and Miller High Life too, but Banquets are so addictive.
They also seem to sell very well, all the bums where I live moved on from malt liquor years ago and drink this instead.

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Out of the big macro, non-light beers (Budweiser, Coors Banquet, Miller High Life, and PBR),which one is your favorite?
For me, it's a tie between Coors Banquet and Budweiser. I had preferred the former for a while and it's my go to 24 oz can, but lately I've really appreciated the crispness of a Budweiser.

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Is this the official beer of losers?
Not hating as I drink it often myself, I just see loads of this at every store and I think it's the #1 seller for hobos and derelicts.

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