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How do I figure out how much something costs at a local fast food place without actually going there? None of these places show their prices online, it pisses me off because I'd be more willing to eat at these places more often if I knew how much everything costs. Pic unrelated.

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I go to a diner near here and get eggs, bacon, and toast with strawberry jam.

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A what?

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>At some point went to a restaurant with friends
>Brussels Sprouts were served in dish
>Hate them but can't help it, ain't no baby
>"Ah fuck, fine then"
>mfw they don't taste like twice digested trash for once
>they're actually pretty good
Was a good experience. Turns out I eat a lot of things I thought I hated because my parents prepared them badly in my childhood.
Since I cooked a lot for myself when studying I started looking up Internet recipes, comparing sources and whatnot to see what people generally agree on being good recipes.
Lo and behold, suddenly Onions, Shrimp, Cauliflower and all its relatives, a lot of types of fish, wild game became the greatest tasting foods in the world. Game in particular, fuck I love venison now.
Still don't like mushrooms though. The consistence hurts me. Powdered as a spice pretty useful though.

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I hate hangovers

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