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McChicken-chan is best girl.

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whatever happened with that sticky thread that was on here a few weeks ago? mods talking about letting /ck/ have a sticky. did it not pan out?

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I second Egg Fort, that's a great idea
I think Ja/ck/ could be a Great Engineer, he features many odd contraptions on his channel
I think Wendy also deserves to be a Great Person

and there should definitely be a McChicken somewhere in there

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hell yeah bro

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Update: I went to the store to get potatoes at an odd hour last night and there weren’t any. Will be going to the food bank sometime this week and will come back with results. Wish me luck

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>make twice baked potatoes for family gathering
>lots of cheese, bacon, sour cream, you know, tasty unhealthy shit
>sprinkle in some parsley because why the hell not
>sister who loves shit like carbs and fat will not eat them because they "have vegetables in them"
One time we went to Wendy's and she removed the single piece of lettuce from her crispy chicken sando

She's obese but regular obese not disgusting diabetes and early grave obese

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thanks for the advice, but I am also on long-term sleeping meds and generally have sleep under control right now
I also generally drink sugarfree energy drinks and coffee / yerba mate and my diet is decently healthy, I rarely eat sweets or fast food

the B vitamins sound like a good idea though, I think I might even have some lying around...
he makes comics for buzzfeed, so they're suitably braindead
not sure about subreddit, but /co/ loves to hate him

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It gets worse

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I still like McChickens and the ice cream cones.

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Only homosexuals and soyboys are vegan

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No but I'd like to.

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Thanks explaining anon.

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So acceptance of credit cards is a sign that they're CUTTING costs?
Do you know how stupid you sound, you piece of shit? Don't you realized that accepting credit costs MORE money, and makes the restaurant more accessible to the affluent in the 21st century?
Never post again, 0/10 thread you filthy fucking mongoloid

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For me it's the McChicken.

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every amerifat loves burgs

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McChicken-tan of course

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>mcchicken chan

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