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Fuck Jews

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>Justin Wilson
Literally who?

>Jacques Pepin, Martin Yan
Having an accent doesn’t give you soul

>Julia Child
Literal Eugenicist

>Alton Brown
Now hosts cutthroat kitchen. Absolutely soulless

Try again

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>fresh spinach from garden
im thinkin based

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>You fool!

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black n milds

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>that knife
I wouldn't even be able to politely keep my smug laughter in. I would have to assume it's a reddit-tier normie trying to show their manliness. It's so obvious they're trying hard with the meat, fancy beer, etc. I really would feel terrible as I look at this wagie's wife and laugh at him.

These guys get it. It's all for displaying your manliness for a pseudo image.

You're terribly mistaken brainlet. You're confusing masculinity with what insecure normies assume masculinity to be. I forgive you though.

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