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I live in China, basically every household has some 老干妈 on the table. It's almost universally used as a condiment on a cooked dish rather than an ingredient and we use it on anything that doesn't have chilli already.

One dish where I guess it's more essential than optional is Youmian, a kind of oat-flour noodle dish eaten in the north (there's another youmian which is eaten in the south which is completely different).

You take oat flour, mix with cold water into a dough and press it into noodles or roll it into a tubes, then steam them.

You do a bunch of side dishes like stir-fried egg and tomato, some pork&garlic shoots, shredded cucumber, chopped coriander and spring onion, stuff like that. And lao gan ma of course.

The noodles stick together in cooking so you take a bowlful of them and break them up with your hands, then serve a bit of all of the side dishes and a splash of black vinegar and as much lao gan ma as you like, mix it all up om your bowl and eat it.

It's quite good and very healthy, very little oil or sugar in the dish and not a lot of salt.

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