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Yes, but in the manner than this anon says >>17919150
It was largely perpetuated by the stereotypical person who requests soy milk is picrel and are the same people who virtue signal on social media about drinking Soylent
However excessive consumption of something like soylent WILL have a hormonal effect.
This is why soy milk has been medically prescribed to menopausal women for decades to increase their oestrogen in an nonintrusive manner.

tldr: too much of anything is bad but eating an occasional Ma Po Tofu isn't

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don't be a soyboy, support trans rights

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make sure it can do this

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average coffee drinker

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This is you.

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Should I go with the Aeropress or Clever Dripper for getting into coffee? I want consistent coffee that I can't mess up. Will be pairing it with a Timemore C2 as I hear it's a popular entry meme grinder.

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what is the best kind of coffee? I am going on a date with a chick i met in class to a coffee shop and I have never actually ordered a coffee from anywhere before

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Would you drink this coffee?

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Because they're American

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anyone got the webm of some thot whisking some eggs or some shit then she orders a pizza instead at the end? i remember her being coom worthy

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Do you drink coffee with food or on itself

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>baby yoda
Also I found a pic of you.

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There was one week where I took 4 caffeine pills in the morning and 4 in the evening. They were 200 mg each. Honestly, it was one of the best weeks of my life just because I got so much done. After 5-6 days I remember feeling terrible and genuinely thinking I was going to die. Not sure if it was the 2 hours of sleep a day or the caffeine fucking with my heart, but I was bed ridden for a few days

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